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SeUch SeWin-12 Chevalier Rouge Ebonique


Hips A  /Elbow 0 

Hearth checked with excellent


Ebba is from our second blackmasked litter and also from the last litter from our beloved Despina aus dem Hause Ketosch who past away to early from us. Ebba is very promising for our breeding in the future and she have already got a lot of prices on shows, for example the 4th best youngsterbitch in the French clubmatch in Rambersville 2009! In the French clubmatch, Raismes 2013 was she placed best championfemale! She is sister from same litter to "Max".




Ebba placed Best bitch openclass at the Danish Clubmatch-11

                   judged by Mme Anne-Marie Class

Ebba placed best of sex in the Swedish Winner show-12, judged by Mr Bas Bosch

Ebba was placed best championfemale at the French Clubmatch in Raismes-13





Ebba with her first rabbit prey

I´m warning you! It´s my quarry!!!

This was all that she left of the poor rabbit! Yummie!!!

Diving Ebba